Branding Strength

I am given lots of briefs to write for various products. I have become super canny in my process of gathering information and writing for various brands.

Having now decided to concentrate primarily on writing content for restaurants, travel and marketing this has granted me time to focus on what companies actually want.

The first thing I do, as a copywriter, when I secure a contract for a company, is to establish if they have a style guide. Style guides contain lots of information that can help copywriters. A style guide is a list of do’s and do not’s of their brand. It may for example contain information such as: tone of voice, what their corporate vision is, who their target audience is, or who they would like it to be. It may also stipulate that I am not allowed to write about competitors.

Normally 60% of my time is spent researching the brand and company with the remainder of the time spent writing the copy. Usually I read the corporate blogs this will give anyone a great incite into their style and tone of voice may allude to what they are focusing on in their business.

When I write to companies to pitch my skills and services, I write about my background, but more importantly, I research that company and suggest some written ideas of what they perhaps should do and what they should write about. Bringing fresh, new ideas to a company from someone who is thinking outside of the box can support that business and is a good way to establish a connection.

Marketing and branding yourself, is a great place to start, especially if your purpose, is to write and market a corporate brand. It’s a good idea to show them what you know about their business already and if you can highlight a link or something that they may need that’s even better.