Brands that Stand Out

Do You Want a Brand that Really Stands Out

Of course you do. Its the goal of every successful business. So what is a successful brand and how do you get one?

A brand is a presence for the business that gives it a personality. If you think about it, what would the likes of Nike or Coca Cola be without their brand? A brand gives you the potential to be what you want to be.

Take a quick example of a department store. With no brand it is just another department store, but with a brand attached, for example Cleary’s when it existed, or Brown Thomas, it becomes so much more.

A good brand is a combination of the rational things like market research and data collection, and the activities of the subconscious mind, which is what we call the emotional side of branding.

To be a brand that stands out it is important that you tap much deeper into human psychology and the emotional side of branding because our subconscious mind is hugely powerful, and the visual world has much more impact on people. An impactful brand uses its visual clues as a shortcut to show the target market what it means to them. Around 55% of what people think about your business is based on the your visual clues.

Where to Begin?

At CUBE Design we believe in creating unique visual brands that work, brands with impact, and brands that can be trademarked. We also believe that to get a successful brand, you need to bring together the rational and the emotional sides.

To bring the two sides together, we begin our brand development process with a Brand Assessment. This brand assessment will help to discover the reasons why your business exists, and who you are doing it for. During this assessment we will be asking you plenty of questions about your business, your values and target markets amongst other things. If the assessment shows that you are struggling with a particular aspect, can support you with further brand strategy work through our one to one sessions.

Taking the framework of the Brand Assessment and any further brand strategy work we complete with you, we can create a powerful visual brand with supporting touchpoints in print and digital, that help you to speak to your target audience.

Would you like a brand that stands out? Call us today on 086 877 7376 to arrange your Brand Assessment, or Email us on [email protected]