Business Academy Espresso Briefing

On the 13th of September, between 10:00-12:00, our Business Academy is due to host an ‘espresso briefing’ on the topic of ‘What makes a successful woman entrepreneur?’. Details of the event can be found at Often attendance at a first Business Academy event is free, and that could be explored directly with the team. Our MBA programme also hosts a number of Masterclass events throughout the year. On 04/11/16 we will be joined by Jane Malyon, who founded ‘The English Cream Tea Company’ and has experienced significant national, and international, growth. All of our Masterclass events are offered free.

As an academic business school one of our social interests is to support and engage with the particular interests and concerns of women in business. To this extent our events and programmes seek to promote this, and other, social interests. If we can explore engagement, such as through our schedule of events, then as previously mentioned I would be keen to do so. This is on the basis of our mutual interests in promoting and advancing our common values.

To view the flyer which outlines some key aspects of what we deliver click here.