Can EMDR Therapy help YOU or someone you know?

EMDR Therapy is an amazing psychological therapy for trauma and other mental health problems.

When people are involved in a distressing event they may find themselves overwhelmed by it. Their minds are unable to process what has occurred as they have never come across it before and they just don’t know how to deal with it. So what happens is, it becomes frozen in a certain part of the brain. This can lead to people intensely and repeatedly reliving this experience as if it were happening a right now and not a while ago. If this memory isn’t processed it can really affect peoples lives, relationships and happiness.  It can reveal itself in anxiety, depression, unhealthy habits, addiction, low confidence, low self-esteem and anger.

By connecting the frozen memory  with the frontal cortex of the brain ( the processing part of the brain) the person is able to actually process that stuck memory and in turn freeing all the negativity which they have been storing.

The two parts of the brain are stimulated by eye movements, which is similar to what occurs when we have REM sleep.

People will still have the memory but it is now a distant memory which isn’t so emotionally charged therefore it doesn’t have a negative affect on their lives.

The results of this therapy have been truly amazing and it has helped to change so many peoples lives.

I thoroughly enjoy using this therapy as I can see the results unfold in front of my very eyes, I can see the relief and distress being removed from that person and I can see the puzzles of peoples minds being completed.