Channel 5 Casting for TV Show!

Channel 5 are commissioning a fifth series of the runaway hit documentary ‘Rich House Poor House’ and they are looking for families to take part in the summer.

They are particularly interested in talking to entrepreneurs.

Series one through to four were such a great success and they have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from viewers, online platforms and the media.

In case you missed it the first time around, in each episode two families swap homes, budgets and lifestyles for a week in a real-life Air BnB arrangement. While there’s a contrast in their financial circumstances, the two families in each episode are matched by the things they have in common. The focus of the programme is on how money affects family life rather than an examination of the specifics of each family’s financial circumstances.

The ambition of the programme is to look at how much money matters to happiness through the eyes of the two families experiencing life at the other end of the wealth divide. The families’ perspectives give a thought-provoking and fascinating insight into how we live our lives.

The series is insightful with genuine purpose but it’s also entertaining, heart-warming and up-lifting. However different their financial circumstances are, the two families in each programme have shared values and common ground that they discover across the week’s swap.