Create a simple makeup for online meetings in 5 minutes!

Makeup in 5 easy steps!

Most of us don’t have time to think in the morning’s never mind thinking about makeup. Did you know in times of economic disaster that sales of lipstick increase. Lipstick has a feel good factor effect and can change the way you look in seconds. Makeup has the same effect as lipstick.


To save time in the morning use a tinted moisturiser or mix 50/50 moisturiser and foundation together and apply all over. Using a brush to apply it saves time. Set with a very light dusting of powder.

Cover dark circles and any blemishes with liquid concealor. Tap the concealor with your finger to make sure it stays where you’ve applied it. Choose a concealor a shade or two lighter than your skin base/foundation colour.


Brush your brows and fill in if needed. Apply a cream eyeshadow to your lid and blend. Coat your lashes with mascara. Add some eyeliner for drama.


Put a pop of blusher onto each apple of your cheek. This will wake up your skin and give you back that lifted look.

Lip colour

Add your chosen lip colour. Choose a colour that makes you feel confident. Avoid using a colour too close to your blusher colour. The brighter the colour the more someone will focus on your lips. If you want to shy away from your audience then choose a nude shade.

Remember to remove all your makeup before bed. Sleep and repeat.
Let me know if you have any questions.



Joyce x