CREATE YOUR GAME PLAN: a boost of clarity, focus and momentum for Q2 2020

Who should attend this workshop:

Women micro-business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, individual practitioners, mumpreneurs who want to grow their company with ease, confidence and fulfilment.

We are an inclusive community and welcome all male entrepreneurs who would like to join our workshops.

General overview

This strategic planning workshop is a day workshop during which you will:

Revisit your yearly goals and plan

Assess Q1 and draw-up key learnings

Plan Q2 on a weekly basis

Why is it important for you to develop entrepreneurial effectiveness?

It is proven that goal setting is essential to achieve things in life.
Yet only 8% of people achieve their goals!

There are a handful of reasons why this workshop is important for you:

Setting goals that sweet talk to your emotions

Mapping the strategic priorities

Dividing into achievable, timely actions

Putting in place a tracking and measuring system

Preventing distractions

At AWE we decided to run quarterly planning workshops to allow women entrepreneurs to keep on track with their yearly business and personal goals.

Each quarterly workshop is designed to give a boost of clarity, focus and momentum.

At the end of this one-day workshop, you will leave with a workbook that contains:

Crystal clear goals which can excite you just by thinking about them

A laser-focused action plan which will allow you to take immediate actions the next week

Bespoke measuring and tracking system of your progress

“What must I stop doing?” list

Accountability partner

Do something Awesome today for your business!

Join us at this event. See you there

Ticket Information:

WIBN Special Offer – £200.00

Full Price Ticket – £400.00