Join us at our next NETWORKING EVENT with Guest Speaker film-director, producer and writer Amal Al-Agroobi.

Amal Al-Agroobi is a film director, producer and writer from the United Arab Emirates.Her film career beganin 2012 when her short documentary Half Emirati premiered at Dubai Film Festival in 2012 and becamethe ‘most watched film’ at the festival, discussing the social repercussions of being a mixed-race child. She later won “best up and coming director of 2013” at the Digital Studio Awards in Dubai and her talents were honored by Women in Film and Television as the “best new director” in the UAE. Her debut feature length documentary about autism, The Brain That Singswas released in 2013 and received multiple international awards before being distributed by Inception Media Group on TV and VOD platforms. The filmtoured the UAE through a series of nation-wide, pop-up cinema screenings under the banner “The BTS autism awareness screening campaign” and contributed to the change in government legislation for special needs childrenin UAE -based schools.

Her short fiction film Under the hat (2016) tells the story of a mosque prayercaller who encounters a rebellious rock star with a fantastic voice who may be poised to take over his position when his prayer calling voice fails. The filmtravelled to festivals all over the world, from Malta to Santa Fe.Amal initially came from a scientific background and obtained her BSc in Biomedical Sciences and an MSc in Neurosciences, before joining the film industry. She set up an independent film production company, ALAGROOBI filmsin 2013, developing films with Arab themes or stories from the Arab world; bringing to light stories about Gulf Arab societies that are untouched or unknown.

Amal’s passion lies predominantly in social, character-driven stories that discuss identity, personality and the understanding of human character. She continues to work on narrative and documentary films, some independent with a commercial spin and some purely commercial.