Daylight Robbery

Have you noticed how the range of LED lights has broadened recently, now including dimmer lights, feature lights, as well as the standard bulbs?

It is worth taking a look at different companies as the price of LED lights can vary. Even though they are a little more costly than standard light bulbs, the huge benefit you receive is the way you can drastically bring down your electricity bill.   You won’t need 100 watt bulbs but you will enjoy a bright light that comes on quickly without any delays.

I have a workshop in my garden. I have a ceiling array with six lights that can be angled in different directions. Before they had hot, GU10 halogen bulbs of 50 watts each. Now they have been replaced with GU10 LED warm white 4 watts each. You can see the difference.

Utility Warehouse are offering Home Owners taking Telephony, Energy and Mobile products, the opportunity to have their lights replaced to LED – for free!   Long standing tenants, aged over 30 can also take advantage of this offer.  Full details are available on the website.    Want to know more – go to or give me a call on 07971675120