Do you know someone who suffers with Anxiety or Panic Attacks?

Clinical Hypnotherapy coupled with a variety of effective NLP techniques can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks.  Anxiety can be extremely debilitating and really hold people back from achieving their personal best and experiencing inner peace and contentment.

We have a great track record of helping clients who present with general anxiety disorder or anxiety relating to particular situations, and have amazing success helping clients to “interrupt the pattern” of events that take place during a panic attack therefore stopping it happening.  We use a client-centred approach to therapy, and always go the extra mile to help them achieve their wellness goals.

For full details of the types of issues we help with, please visit the Hitchin Hypnotherapy web site.

For clients who book 5 sessions after their initial consultation (which is free of charge and with no obligation to proceed), there is a substantial discount on session costs.