Do you know what is in your deodorant or anti-perspirant?

I used to just buy whatever deodorant that was on offer at the Supermarket, Sure, Right Guard, Dove I wasn’t loyal to a particular brand ….whatever was on offer got chucked into the trolley.  It just a deodorant, right?


Deodorants and anti perspirant can contain some very toxic chemicals and they are things you don’t want to have on your body.  These toxins get very quickly absorbed by your body and can be in your bloodstream within 26 seconds, just like a nicotine patch or HRT.


It is believed that these toxins can be a real factor in diseases like breast cancer, the incidence of breast cancer in the left boob is higher than the right. It is suspected that one of the reasons is that most of us are right handed, so when we spray or roll our deo on under our left armpit we are much more heavy-handed and apply more product which in turn is more toxins being absorbed on that side.


You can check out what is in your products with an app from an independent company called Think Dirty. The rate products based on how dirty their ingredients are, 10 and in the red zone means it is a toxic product.  The brands I used regularly were both 8 out of 10 and dirty.


Susie Ma, our founder, is very clever as she has created an a natural anti perspirant called Feel Fresh that contains uplifting scents of pink grapefruit, ginger grass, tea tree and citrus.  It’s a cream and the best way to think of it is as a moisturiser for under your arms. You need a tiny amount and it really works as it stops you smelling and sweating.


For this to work we needed to add aluminium salts and Susie has sourced a natural aluminium salt but we have less in one tube of Feel Fresh than you would find in one glass of drinking water (and remember one tube of our Feel Fresh will last you around 4 months) in addition Susie then formulated the aluminium salts so they are too big to be absorbed by your body and it simply sit on your skin until you wash it off when you shower or bath. When it is washed down the drain it is bio-degradable and does no harm to the environment.


The hero ingredients in our Feel Fresh are pink grapefruit, lime, gingergrass, rosemary and tea tree essential oils which work in harmony to naturally counter odours, and help tone and brighten dark, discoloured underarm skin. The shea butter, jojoba oils, olive, oat extracts and vitamin E included help to condition, moisturise and repair skin cells respectively, so your underarm skin remains comfortable throughout the day when wearing this deodorant, even after shaving.  Tropic Feel Fresh is 0 and green zone,  safe to use on the Think Dirty app


The unique cream-to-powder formula means that it dries quickly, without leaving any wetness under your arms, meaning you can get dressed and ready for the day without waiting for your deodorant to dry. Your Feel Fresh deodorant packaging is recyclable, and because it is not an aerosol, it is kind to the environment.

Our Feel Fresh is available to order, either contact me direct or hop over to my website,


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