Do you love history?

If you are a history lover, you might know that August 22nd is the date of the Battle of Bosworth, where King Richard III was killed fighting for his life and the crown of England, the last English King to die in Battle. You may have seen Shakespeare’s version of the story or read historical fiction of the era. I became interested in the charismatic king after I saw the documentary on Channel 4, ‘The King in the Car Park’ and have since thoroughly researched his life and times. I have read numerous historical novels too but always knew how they were going to end – on the battlefield. I wondered how history would have changed if Richard had been victorious instead of Henry Tudor and this thought led me to write my first novel, ‘Richard Liveth Yet: A Historical Novel Set in the Present Day’, where I have Richard time travelling to the present day where he learns he is about to lose the battle and his life. Helped by Rose, a Ricardian, he researches what went wrong and has to try to go back to change history. The follow-up, ‘Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country’ describes Rose’s adventures when she goes back to his time and meets some famous historical figures, such as Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci.

Both books are available on a Kindle Countdown offer of only 99p each until the anniversary of Bosworth, August 22nd. Follow the links to read reviews and purchase the books: Richard Liveth Yet (I)  RLY (II): A Foreign Country