Do you or someone you know have an eating disorder?

Do you know someone who has an eating disorder or someone you suspect may have?  If so, you may be justifiably concerned.
There are so many ways people use food to gain control of their lives due to the stress and anxiety that they feel within themselves.  Some overeat and demonstrate compulsive eating behaviours, where they continue to eat food long after they feel full and even to the point of feeling sick.  They may even suffer from Binge Eating Disorder (BED).  Attempting to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence or self esteem, emotional conflicts, compulsive eating can become a detrimental health problem when it leads to someone becoming very overweight.
Other people have a distorted body image and excessively diet which leads to severe weight loss with a pathological fear of becoming overweight.  They restrict their calorie intake and can become Anorexic.  Others use a diet-being-purge pattern of behaviour, known as Bulimia Nervosa and like Anorexia, this can kill.
If you know someone who is showing signs of an eating disorder, they will generally be very resistant to any advice and may not even accept that there’s a problem.  Try to encourage them to visit their GP as soon as possible to rule out any medical reason for their weight loss or gain, and to have their Average Expected Body Weight (AEBW) calculated.  If everything indicates a serious eating disorder, then I recommend you help them find a therapist who is qualified in this area of work, someone they feel comfortable with and with whom they should start regular and steady work possibly over a period of many weeks and maybe months.  The therapist will work on the underlying issues which result in the stress, anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive tendencies, before they focus on the food and eating itself.
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