Does what I feed my dog really matter?

Those of  you that have animals will have probably been following the debate about animal foods.  Should I feed raw?  Should I feed dry?  Should I ever mix the two?  And what about grain?  Gluten?  Well it all gets a bit confusing doesn’t it?  Whenever I speak to my customers I liken it to the debate around breast and bottle feeding.  Many people will be very passionate about one or the other which then leaves you feeling guilty that perhaps you haven’t given it that much thought or maybe you get swayed to a very particular, persuasive argument.

The simplest answer is you will often feed your animals on the same quality of food that you like to feed yourself.  So if you like to know exactly how your chicken lived and died before you ate it it is likely you will also want to be able to track your animals food products before you feed it to them.

There has been a proven link between certain animal behaviours and additives in dog food.  Just as there was with E numbers and children’s processed food and drinks. So perhaps if you have an over active puppy you could take a glance at the ingredients in their food to see if there is anything there that could be causing a problem.  If your dog has a tooth / gum issue again look to the food first. (Trust me it is a lot cheaper than a behaviourist or a vet bill!)

Smaller pet food brands like Husse can track the produce back to the farm it came from in either, Belgium, France or UK, we can show you a video of our processing plant.  We can give you a full list of ingredients and most importantly as trained pet nutritionists, linked to vets, we can give your pet the best food for this part of their life.  Be it to aid arthritic older animals, protect the bone development of the young or help nursing mothers through.  Might we be a bit more expensive? Yes of course.  But might we save you time and money on vets bills?  Reduce the amount of animal waste?  Support behaviour?  Yes of course!

Oh and want to know the answer between raw and dry?  Simply the jury is still out.  But whatever you go for if you have a dog never, ever mix and match.

Sarah Stevens

Husse Pet foods Stevenage WIBN