Driving Profits while “doing good” – a triple bottom line approach to business success

I’m a firm believer that if we want ‘good’ we have to be prepared to ‘do good’ ourselves – rather than carrying on unconsciously waiting for change to happen on our behalf.  I’m encouraged to see increasing numbers of businesses popping up for whom their core ethos is around a sustainable business.  E.g. bamboo toilet roll, organic cotton clothes from fair trade suppliers.  Sustainability doesn’t have to be limited to these types of businesses.

Your sustainable competitive advantage

In an increasingly competitive market, within a society for whom environmental and social concerns are becoming a bigger and more noticeable issue, being clear and open about your business’s sustainability practices and the good that you are doing is very wise.

Personally I only want to work with businesses who care – and I only want to buy from businesses who care. What ‘care’ means can vary widely, from the solicitor who cycles everywhere, so the SEO company who provide yoga for their staff, to the construction company who engage in many charitable activities.

If you are already a responsible business and you want to ‘do better’ financially – or if you are doing well financially and want to ‘do better’ in other areas, please come along to this event in Southend on Sea.  Tuesday 7th November 12.00 – 14.00.  Full details are available via this link:

Driving Profits by Doing Good

Business Coaching for responsible businesses

If Southend’s a bit too far but you like the idea of doing well financially whilst doing good responsibly, then please get in touch.  I’m a Business Coach and I’m passionate about helping businesses that care to accelerate their growth.  Changing the world one successful, sustainable business at a time!

Free Business Review for Sustainable Businesses