Effortless rather than effortful – how to create ease in your life

Do you know people whose life just seems to go smoothly? For example, they’ll always find a parking spot on the busiest of Saturdays. The train will arrive just as they stroll onto the platform. The rain will start just as they arrive home from walk.

In contrast do you know people who seem to have bad luck?  They will get a flat tyre when it’s pouring outside. They’ll arrive at the supermarket one minute after closing time. They will generally report one disaster after another in their day to day flow through life.

Are these people simply lucky and unlucky?

No – it’s more complex.

Scientists can show that when you are in a calmer state (in coherence) when your nervous system is in a relaxed mode, your effect on the world around you is positive. They can also show that if you are in a stressed state, your effect on the world around you is more negative. Think of the analogy of trying to tune a radio station but you’re just getting static, the music from the Universe literally can’t get through.

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