Falling in love with work again…..

I have just got off of the phone to a potential client and by the end of the phone call, I genuinely believe that I have found a kindred spirit, a meeting of minds, a person just as passionate about first aid as I am.

This is not something that I find very often in my industry. Especially because this person was a client. They will be paying for our service, our expertise and for them the knowledge that we will pass on will make a real difference. She even said those words! The words! “For us this is certainly not a tick box exercise” My grin went a couple of miles wider and I fell in love again.

I fell in love again for an industry that has recently been causing me pain in my soul.

More and more, as I build my business, I had felt that I was banging my passionate head against a ‘we will look at what’s cheapest and will train the bare minimum number of staff required’ brick wall of inertia.

What people fail to appreciate is that First Aid is not about profit and it is certainly not just about the number of boxes that have to be ticked in order to be compliant within the confines of the law, it is about lives.

The lives of strangers, loved ones, family, friends, colleagues and other human beings.

It’s about confidence and empowerment. It’s about arming somebody with the skills that can truly make a difference in that moment, when they are ultimately responsible for the life of another.

A rekindling of positive emotion has now been set, thanks to that one phone call today and with that in my mind and my heart, I will go forth and spread the word about the importance of what I do once again with passion and hope!