If you are going to an event or special occasion – what drives your fashion choice ? Most women start with the outfit and throw most of their budget at it and then find that when it comes to shoes and accessories they have run out of cash. I have lost count of the times in my store that women have arrived with outfits worth hundreds of pounds, wanting shoes for less than £50 and a bag for even less.

We have a failure in the UK to prioritise accessories and yet these items are the most important you can buy. A quality pair of shoes perk up a cheap outfit  with no problem, but a cheap pair of shoes will cheapen even the most expensive outfit.

Do you remember your Mother ever saying to always look at the shoes a man was wearing as it gave an insight into the quality of the man ? Well the same is true here. Spend wisely on accessories and you will give an upmarket look to any outfit. Good shoes are also better for your feet, as they are constructed better and are more likely to be made of real leather and top quality materials which won’t rub or make the feet hot and sweaty.

Remember also – Buy Cheap and You Buy Twice – so spend a little less on the outfit and choose your shoes wisely – you will then get plenty of wear out of them with a selection of outfits and that more costly item will end up being a true bargain.