Feel the fear and do it anyway!

As many of you know, WIBN Ireland launched the beginning of this year.  It’s been an amazingly successful start for us, with three new groups and lots of new members, each with their own thriving businesses which I encourage you to take the time to explore (WIBN Dublin).

And as pleasant as it is to spread the word about WIBN, it can be a little bit of a logistical challenge and this is something I raised in one of my recent meetings. In true supportive and encouraging fashion one of our members recommended I get onto the radio!  A smart and efficient way of getting the word out there I hear you say.  Well yes of course it is but it really put the fear of god in me!

Now those who know me, know I don’t have a problem ‘talking’ to groups or large crowds. Sure haven’t I presented to various large audiences with my ‘Catseye Coaching‘ hat on and regularly chair my WIBN groups.  So why oh why was I so nervous of talking on the radio?  I’m still not sure, but think it may have to do with not being able to read the audience which is something you can do live and if you need to change the flow of conversation you can.

Well what ever it was, it was getting the better of me so that’s when I decided to put my own ‘coaching’ into practice and ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and that’s what I did.  Last Friday I spoke with the lovely Padriac Marren of The Business Eye, who couldn’t have been nicer. He helped by giving me some preprepared questions but also by putting me at my ease before we started.

As for how it went? Well I’ll let you make your own personal judgement on that, as here it is:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/women-business-network-padraic-marren?published=t

Enjoy 😉