Feeling the fear… and getting creative

I’m not gonna lie: I was slightly nervous when I was approached with a commission to create a table centrepiece for a significant birthday family lunch at a fancy restaurant.
I mean, I’ve never done anything like that before but, hey, there’s nothing like another person’s confidence in your abilities to give you the boost you need.
Of course, I said.
Google was my research buddy and I did an extensive search of 50th birthday table centrepieces. It was a whole new world and some of them I knew were beyond my capability but I found inspiration.
A trip to Hobbycraft (always dangerous on the purse) to source materials, a meeting with the client to discuss ideas, themes, venue, budget and timescales, and I plunged right in.
The brief: eye-catching but not intimidating, personalised, rustic, simple, in the client’s signature pink… and a little bit of Parkslife magic. We opted for the hurricane vase – oh, and now two of them were needed, but not identical (phew: rarely do two of my pieces turn out the same).
The personalisation needed to be minimal and I wanted to combine textures – stones and feathers – to reflect the client’s strength and softer, cheeky side. The star because, well, she’s a star and the flowers to add a feminine touch. Plus I had to sneak in the Parkslife signature daisy…
A few days later and the centrepieces were complete. And the client’s response? “They look amazing!”.
Art, for me, is all about learning and I love turning my hand to different projects. This was a great opportunity to try something new and, if the finished items put a smile on Ingrid’s face, then it’s job done and I’m happy.
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