Find Your Roar – Confidence Workshop for Women .

Walk Your Walk and Roar Down the Catwalk of Confidence !

Hosted by Ali Moore the founder of Bemoore – this is the Original #Find Your Roar Workshop! .. and it is coming to Brackley at the gorgeous space that is the Well Retreat – how could it get more perfect!

Many women feel they are playing the part of someone else and this workshop, with a small group of like minded individuals, enables us to explore what it means to start living as you truly are. Not having to change , not having to put on a different persona and understanding how our thinking can drive our actions.

Finding Your Roar is all about being confident in yourself. During this workshop we will explore;
1. How to identify what you like about ourselves and be proud of who you are.
2. Start to build plans to be genuine with yourself and show case your skills.
3. Review some of the common challenges faced by women in their lives.
4. Remove those limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Light Refreshments throughout..

Whatever life you have chosen , whatever path you are taking this workshop is all about time for you.
Achieving means many different things to different people – and you will be free to explore and define what you mean by achieving in your own way.
At the end of this session I can guarantee you will Feel Fabulous and be ready to own your space and walk your walk – you will have found your Inner Roar !
Giving you the confidence to feel fabulous in your own skin, build on your goals and dreams and rather than try to be something else .. to be .. whoever you want to be !

Free parking is available right outside the location.

See What Others Are Saying About #FindYour Roar!
‘I cannot tell you how much I learned from that but I took so much away! Your story touched my heart and made me feel more strength on my journey’ – Toni
‘I don’t care now what others thinks – I like myself and I have truly found my Roar !’ Ann
.Thank you so much for the excellent #FindYourRoar workshop today!
Psychotherapy is my mind enablement for my business and you are helping me break down the 6ft wall!!!!. ‘Sam
‘Sometimes, as a woman in business, you just need to find your roar. At times you can do it alone, other times it makes sense to seek help. Working with the incredible Alison More of Bemoore has really helped me to gain clarity and focus in my business and in my personal goals. – it turned this Kitten into a Lioness! ‘Ellie