Find Your Roar – Reconnect Your Life! Day Retreat.

Do You Want To Learn How To Feel Fabulous About Being You ?

Do You Want To Be Able to Embrace all Your Wonderful Skills and Qualities?

What About Finding Your Voice and Having the Confidence To Use It and Be Heard?

Then #FindYourRoar #ReconnectYourLife is exactly what you need!

This is one of the leading workshops for women. Hosted by best selling author of Reconnect Your Life and one of the leading Self Esteem Therapists and Coaches for Women – Alison Moore – focusing on building an understanding of how to create a solid platform of self-esteem and increase your confidence in simply being you!

‘In her own words… ‘

‘As women we face many transition in life – we take on many roles – we put others first and we often lose sight of who we are.

We are also bombarded on a daily basis with messages of how we should be , what we should look like and what it means to be a success. Everything is aimed about making change ….. but STOP … what we need to look at is who we are right now… we need to love ourselves in our true self and be able to find a voice for that person we already are inside.

I discovered my love of therapy and the science of self esteem after many years of self exploration. At age 36 I found myself a single parent and a bereaved parent – having been in a relationship since I was 15 years old I had no real idea of who I was. Coupled with being in a very tough corporate business in which I felt the need to keep being something different in order to be a success…. truth is …. I felt lost.

Following my own therapy I trained firstly as a Coach and then as a Therapist, and here I saw that that the key to feeling good about myself was not about changing – it was about embracing and most of all accepting.

Now I work with women across the globe to help them to feel the same – to discover their voice – to Find Their Roar. Through my 3 principles of Reconnection:

Stop Breathe Be Present Be Mindful
Intention with Purpose.

In this workshop I share these principles as well as enabling you to understand:

Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome it

The need to Raise Your Bar and Value Yourself

How to Nurture and Create Healthy Boundaries and Relationships.

It’s informal – it friendly and its all about investing in You!

This workshop is located in the Sculpture Gallery of Woburn Abbey -one of the countries most beautiful estates. The whole day is aimed at allowing you to truly focus on self – away from the stresses of the world.

Drinks on arrival and a fabulous lunch make it the perfect workshop retreat for mind and body.

So reserve your place now as I only release 20 seats every year.. it’s not to be missed!