Find Your Strategic Partner

Asking for and developing a good business relationship with your strategic partner pays dividends for growing your business and enjoying a steady stream of customers. Sometimes we think in terms of asking to be referred to the person who buys our products or services . People can forget that it can be productive to sit next to a profession, in your networking group, that has a contact who shares a very similar customer base but with whom they are not in competition. Obvious ones are those in the wedding market: Designers, Wedding Planners, Celebrants, Photographers. It could be the Financial Planner. Wills Trust Probate solicitors and Accountants. The same goes for those in business services, HR, Business Coaches, and Health & Safety. Look for partners with similar styles and energy as it is more likely that the customer will be happier being passed on to those contacts.  If they are not yet in your networking group, ask members to help find them. Being in the same group means business relations are more easily formed and trust built more readily.
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