Finding Your Ideal Client

I am always talking in my 60 seconds about finding your ideal client in our networking meetings , so I’ve decided to create a one off workshop designed to help you find your ideal client. After all, finding your ideal client will save you money, make you more effective, focus your business and most importantly help you grow!
The Zoom session is 90 minutes long and will be an interactive practical session with tools and advice along the way.
Places are limited to allow everyone to ask questions and get the most out of it. I’ve not told anyone other than WIBN members yet, so please let me know if you’re interested before I publicise it more widely.
To show how much I want people to find their ideal customers, I am reducing my normal costs to jut £25+ VAT for the session.
SEPTEMBER 9TH 12pm – 1:30PM
To book or find out more, please message me or email me [email protected]