Finding Your Ideal Customer Workshop

Would you like more sales? Would you like to attract your perfect customer? 

I get approached all the time by businesses wanting to do more marketing, more with their social media, get more sales, reach more people.

The first thing I ask them is who they are trying to attract. Most businesses want to attract as many people as possible, but in taking this approach we don’t attract anyone.

By focusing on who your ideal customer is, you can then tailor your marketing to make sure you resonate and engage with them. The first step is identifying that customer and this is what we cover in workshop 1.

In just 90 mins (on Zoom), we look go through a series of exercises to pinpoint that perfect customer. With only 5 other people in the workshop, you’ll get plenty of time to ask questions and confirm your understanding.

Current offer price £25+ VAT per workshop.

For more information, please email me at [email protected]

Testimonial Alex Chell (St Albans and Hatfield WIBN)

Claire is always so full of passion and insight and I’ve been looking forward to learning from her. I was not disappointed! In 90 minutes, she helped me extract who my ideal client is (something I’ve been struggling to articulate for far too long). Her approach, explanations and questions were so excellent. She also helped me identify other actions I need to take to get even clearer on how to refine my offering and my messaging to really enable me to connect with those I want to work with. Thank you Claire – you marketing genius, you! :-