Five Small Business Tips for Getting to Grips with Social Media

Take your small business to the next level by using the tips in this blog to get to grips with social media. 

Last month celebrated Social Media Day. If your business doesn’t yet have a social media presence, then you’re at a disadvantage compared to competitors that do.

Effective and consistent use of social media can improve your business’ reach, build your brand, increase conversions, establish a following and even improve customer service.

But the success you achieve on is dependent on how committed you are to the cause.

Here are some top tips for achieving social media success:

Dedicate time and resources to it 

Let’s face the reality of the situation here; social media for business isn’t something you can pick up, put down, and then expect to see big returns from. Building a successful social media presence requires research, planning and dedication. So, if you’re serious about using social media as a way of adding value to your business, it’s vital to allocate time and resources to it.

Create a social media strategy and content calendar 

Research, planning and preparation are important to staying organised and consistent with your social media efforts. A social media strategy will help you to identify your audience, the type of content that encourages engagement, and the frequency with which you want to post. A content calendar ensures you don’t miss important dates and help you to plan, organise, and schedule in a good mix of content for the months ahead.  It will also help you align what you do with social media with the reality of running your business.

Take a ‘social media simplified’ training session with Pink Spaghetti 

Here at Pink Spaghetti, our team of social media experts run short, affordable, social media training sessions that make understanding social media for business simple. We have seven different sessions available including training in Facebook, Twitter, Facebook for business, Instagram and LinkedIn. This can help give you more confidence in using the tools.

Let Pink Spaghetti help you manage your social media 

We can also help you set up profiles, research and create content. make sure it gets posted on the right platform. We can help create your strategy or implement one you already have, help you find followers and engage with your clients. We can help you with as much or as little as you like to make this less of an ordeal if you are finding it so. You may know what you are doing but do not have the time to do it properly.

Have a look at the variety of packages we offer here, for managing your social media and see what works. We are flexible and can design a package specifically for you if nothing suits.

Use the free resources, tutorials and courses provided 

Who is better placed to tell you how to get the most out Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram than the people behind the platforms themselves?

Once you’ve identified the most appropriate channels for your business, take the time to read through the free resources and tutorials available on their websites to discover useful tips and tricks to help you to get more from your business page.

Some key free resources available include:

Facebook Blueprint

Google SkillShop

Twitter Flight School

For help or advice with extracting and analysing data from social media, why not contact me – [email protected], or visit our website to discuss how my experienced virtual PA services can support your business and give you back more of your time.