Gentle January

Have you been feeling grumpy at the emotional coercion of doing a “Dry January”? Does it cross your mind that actually January is a crap time for donning a hair cloth of deprivation, and possibly self defeating smugness – when really you want to snuggle up under a soft gentle coverlet of comfort – the hours of daylight are short, the wind is howling, the rain is lashing, possibly the waters are rising, and you’re supposed to exist on a lettuce leaf (mind you, these days that’s probably wrapped around a piece of avocado)??


Yes, adopting a healthy eating lifestyle is well and good, but in the northern climes January is a time for warming soups, and yes even a glass of wine or tankard or ale. But note – ‘a’, not several! (nb – astrologically, it’s possible that this may be a particularl problem for those born between the mid 50s and the early 70s) I’ve come to the conclusion that a Gentle January is much kinder to our body, than the shock of over indulgence closely followed by over asceticism. By all means cut back the alcohol, and eat healthier, but with a few kindnesses to yourself as well.


When is a good time astrologically to Detox? I asked my colleagues, and got an interesting assortment of answers! Whether New Moon to New Moon, or Full Moon to Full Moon, or…..


Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of bad press in terms of communication or legal problems, but can be a good time for going on a retreat – a meditation or yoga retreat would be ideal – time for reflection and setting new goals – and if your New Year Resolutions have been wavering, this could be why – Mercury went retrograde on Tuesday 5th Jan, and goes direct on Thursday 28th Jan – so the end of January will be a good time for a reboot of your good intentions. Next dates for Mercury Retrograde (which happens about 3 times a year) are coming up in the spring, email me for more details!


Working with Jupiter is another theme that makes a lot of sense astrologically – Jupiter rules expansion – whether of the mind, the soul, or the waistband! And Jupiter has just gone retrograde, last Friday 8th Jan, until the 8th May. So this is a good time for a long slow cleansing of dietary priorities, maybe cheer yourself up with a swanky new juicer, or smoothie maker along with that high class organic coconut butter – or, bearing in mind our chilly weather – a Soup Maker!


And baby steps are fine – change just one thing at a time, say one new change every week, rather than changing everything at one fell swoop. You’re far more likely to stick with it, and watch a New You emerge triumphant from the ashes of last year’s overindulgence!


(What’s Retrograde? I hear you ask – it’s an optical illusion, a bit like 2 trains travelling side by side: if you’re on the faster one the slower one seems to move backwards. Same thing with planets.)