Get More Creative With Your Photography

I am a member of the Chester Women In Business Network and at this month’s meeting I was tasked with giving a short 15 minute spotlight. I wanted to do something that would be helpful so I put together a short presentation on how to get more creative with photography. These are very basic steps that anyone of any ability can adopt and I am sharing them here on the blog in case they are of help to anyone else!

1. The Rule Of Thirds

Imagine dividing an image up into 9 squares, 3 across and 3 down. When you compose your image, try to place the main focal point on one of the intersections on the left or the right. The same can be done horizontally for example when taking a landscape photo. The train of thought is that this composition is the most pleasing on the eye.

example of the rule of thirds

In the example above, the lily pad on the left was my focal point and I used a narrow depth of field so that everything was blurred out giving greater emphasis just on this one flower.

Landscapes would adopt the same ‘rule’ but horizontally. The image of Newborough Beach below has the horizon on the bottom third intersection and then 2 thirds are sky.

Newborough Beach Anglesey

The same can be applied to product photos such as this one where the one product was the main point of focus on the right.

Example of the rule of thirds using a beauty product

2. Leading Lines

Leading lines are very attractive to the human eye! Leading lines lead the eye to the main focal point of an image. There are often great leading lines in architecture and also in Mother Nature! This first example is of an orangery where you will see a number of leading lines on the path, the wall on the left and also on the ceiling. All of them leading the eye to the focal point at the end of the image, the stone fountain.

Leading lines example

3. Different Perspectives

By this I mean, get down low and shoot straight on, get down low and shoot upwards. This can create a great arty shot depending on what you are shooting. These pretty pink flowers are called “Pinks” and are found in coastal areas. They are quite small so to take this I had to lie on the ground!

Pinks by the sea
These tall trees are up in the woodlands of Llandegla and I took this with my phone on an autumnal walk.
Llandegla trees taken from below looking up

4. Look Up

Don’t forget to look up there is so much more around you than is obvious at eye level!

A black headed gull
A kite flying high in the sky
5. Get Up Close

I am a particular fan of close up or “macro” photography. Nature is a particularly great source of inspiration for this style.

Macro shot of crab apples in the snow
Macro of an exotic flower

You may or may not have a bridge camera or a DSLR camera but even a phone camera will highly likely have a macro setting you can use to get up close to a subject. Remember as per my Ten Top Tips For Better Phone Photos

6. Reflections

Look for reflections. In lakes, reservoirs, mirrors, puddles, even highly polished metals. They can all create some great photographic opportunities.

These examples are the reservoir in Llandegla near Wrexham, on an Autumn day. In the first example, the reflection I wanted to capture, was that of the clouds.

reflections on the reservoir in Llandegla
And this one is all about the reflection of the gorgeous autumnal coloured fir trees:
Reflection of autumn trees on reservoir in Llandegla

Sunlight is another great reflection to capture on water:

Reflection of sunlight on the sea in Corfu

6. Look Around You!

There is sooooo much to see! I am NOT an advocate of carving in trees but I saw this and had to take a photograph of it!

When it comes to architecture and urban decay, there are so many fabulous colours and textures that take my eye. If they take yours, photograph them.

Corfu was amazing for this!
And that is it from me today. My passing thought is, Live In The Moment – Capture The Moment!

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