Get Savvy on Cyber Crime & Fraud Prevention

How savvy are you and your business on Cyber Crime or Workplace Fraud? How much do you know about;

  • Counterfeit Payment Cards
  • Counterfeit Currency
  • Invoice re-direct/ CEO Fraud, or
  • Employee Fraud

With the busy spending season chasing our tails, you’ll want to learn the ways in which you can protect your business from Cyber Crime and Employee Fraud. At this presentation you’ll learn what to keep an eye out for and gain information on what steps you and your business can take to prevent, detect and respond.

Who should consider attending:

  • CFO’s / Finance Managers
  • E-Commerce / Retail Businesses
  • HR Professionals / Outsource HR Organisations
  • Charities
  • Sole Traders / SME’s / Large Corporations

Details of the event are as follows:

9:00 – 9:20 Registration & Networking

9:20 – 9:30 Welcome Remarks

9:30 – 10:00 Cyber Crime, Payment Card & Counterfeit Currency Fraud. How aware are you of these and how to protect yourself and your company? By Detective Niamh Seberry, An Garda Síochána National Economic Crime Bureau

10:00 – 10:30 ‘Know Fraud! Stop Fraud!’, Introduction to Occupational Fraud. Fraud Risk Management: A Practical Approach. By Roisin Prizeman M. Ed. ACFE Assoc. Dip. Corporate Fraud Investigations. FraudEdge

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About Our Speakers

Niamh Seberry, Detective Garda

In 2001, Niamh joined An Garda Síochána. In 2007 she joined the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (formally the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation), spending some time at the Commercial Fraud Unit. Currently she is attached to the Payment Card and Counterfeit Currency Unit (PCCCU) where she is involved in the investigation of serious, complex and organised fraud on a National and International basis. Niamh has been involved in numerous investigations involving the public and private sectors both here and abroad and has been part of various investigations led by Europol and Interpol.

Róisín Prizeman M. Ed. ACFE Assoc. Dip. Corporate Fraud Investigations

Róisín is co-founder and director of FraudEdge Limited. She is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and sits on the Board of the Ireland Chapter of the ACFE.

FraudEdge is a specialist firm that works with clients to prevent, detect and respond to workplace fraud. It is estimated that each year organisations lose 5% revenue to employee fraud, and typically frauds continue for an average of 18 months before discovery. The effect of fraud on small businesses and organisations is disproportionally greater than on larger businesses and organisations. FraudEdge works with clients to develop and implement a robust fraud management strategy and to ensure our clients have a competitive edge in the on-going fight against fraud and corruption.