GOOGLE NEWS THIS MONTH which may affect your website!

As from this month Google has made some changes to the way it now ranks every website, Google now expects websites to be responsive in nature. If you are not sure what a responsive website looks like, you can see from the graphic image attached, that the content of the page actually alters position depending on the screen size and orientation, it is fluid, not static.

If your current website is not responsive it ‘may’ get a lower ranking than it did before, on mobile device searches only. If the mobile search is a priority then you might want to think about upgrading your site.

There are costs involved in turning a site responsive, and it also means that the layout of the site might change, and the mobile site may look different to the desktop version.

Please take the time to contact your web builder to see if your website is covered. Alternatively feel free to call us for a chat and for more information 😉