Help! My dog needs a diet!

As proud dog owners we have all been there.  The visit to the vet, the look in their eye as they say;

‘We think your dog may need to loose a little weight!’

There are so many reasons for a dog putting on weight. Maybe they have had an operation or an injury and have not been as active as they normally are.  Maybe you are the one with the injury so you haven’t manged to get them out as much as you would like.  Maybe they are older and like their tea and toast a little too much? Whatever the reason there is a very simple way to help your dog loose some weight.  But why we would try?  Well again many, many reasons but mainly the reasons are the same as for humans.  Keeping a healthy weight helps your bones, muscles, organs etc.  It also helps prevent diseases, reduces risk of ailments and developing arthritis. Pet nutritionists are available to help guide you and your dog through all the stages of their life and to advise on what best to feed them.  The best thing:  If you find a good one the advice is free!

So what to do:

  1. Increase the exercise for the dog.  If they have problems with joints you may find a doggy swimming pool locally which lets them exercise without strain. If you are worried about them running off find a local field for hire. Lots of doggy playgrounds out there.
  2. Find a suitable nutritionist to advise you – or as your WIBN colleague give me a call
  3. Perhaps – if right for your dog – switch to a light blend of food like our Husse Optimal light.
  4. Cut down the titbits – trust me a hamburger is never, ever going to be good for a dog!

Sarah Stevens

Husse Pet Nutritionist and Dog Trainer – Stevenage WIBN group