Here are our Top 3 Tips for making your social media stand out and take off like a firework.

Is your Social Media taking off like a firework?

Remember, remember the 5th of November….., what comes next in the rhyme? Isn’t it funny how certain phrases, or words make you instantly recall a memory? It’s the same for a striking image and this month we are treated to many bright visuals with the Guy Fawkes celebrations. The misty mornings, chilly days and darker evenings in November also bring a few of us indoors to do our shopping online and we are told we are in for a real treat this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Will your business social media stand out from the busy online time ahead?

How can your business get involved with these events online? Will you be giving discounts on your products and services?

When did you last look up the online presence of your 3 main competitors? Do they stand out on social media? What visuals are they using? Do they have any special deals for customers? How responsive are they to comments?

It’s always good to refresh your understanding of those in the same industry before you go on to start to add your sparkle to your social media plans.

Now visit our blog to find our top 3 tips to help your social media stand out with a “bang!”