How Dee’s Photo Shoot Gave Her a Big Confidence Boost

When I first met Dee I instantly warmed to this sassy, smart young woman with a wicked sense of humour. I would never have believed that she secretly suffered with low self-confidence and was quite camera shy.

Dee interviewed me for her podcast and we talked about how we both feel about being photographed. I was surprised when she admitted that despite running her own business as a VA, she is quite shy and doesn’t have a lot of confidence. And when she did pluck up the courage to have a photo shoot with me she found the experience “very empowering and quite a confidence boost”.

Dee told me “If you meet me out and about and at business networking I come across as a really confident person… but that’s not me. I have to wear that mask to do my job. I am quite shy and I don’t have a lot of confidence but… wow your photoshoot really changed that for me.”

“When I first looked at the pictures I was speechless… and actually got quite emotional!”

“For the last 10 years I have never felt that beautiful. I was absolutely blown away and that’s not something I say very often.”

How do you feel in front of a camera… does it make you want to run and hide!?

If so you are not alone. Many of my clients have a photo shoot to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Once at my studio they relax and actually really enjoy the session and find it fun! And when they see the results it helps them to see themselves in a new light and boosts their self-image.

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Click here to listen to Dee’s podcast with me where we discuss how photography can help with confidence.

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