How do you build trust into your digital marketing?

Across all industries and professions the message is pretty clear, listening is a key skill to gaining trust quickly. Wouldn’t you agree?

In the ever changing world of digital and social media you have to “keep it real”. Agencies are made up of human beings as are our clients, and the content we produce has to connect with another human being. Nailing the human touch is key to building trust, alongside being authentic.

Trust is built over time for sure, but often in marketing we have only a few seconds to build a bond of trust with a new client or a new connection digitally when replying to a post. We believe trust starts with the companies values being seen in action through their employees behaviours. It’s a personable value to display; by taking the time to really understand our clients, their business and their future path, helps build trust quickly.

In collaboration with fellow WIBN members Cat Kipling and Abi Wright , we asked these two inspiring speakers to tell us how they quickly gain trust with their clients: were there any similarities?

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