How Does Debt Collection Work?

Please see below answers to some of the most common questions that we hear on a regular basis.

How much will it cost me for you to collect my money?

Depending on the level of the debt owed; we charge debtors below £4,999 15%, £5,000 – £19,999 we charge 17.5%, and all debtors greater than £20,000 we charge 20%. (All prices are excluding VAT)

Will my customer be upset by you and spoil our relationship?

We go about out business in a very respectful manner and in most cases we can collect without damaging the relationship and in fact in some cases we have lead to a better relationship with a good and clear understanding of requirements being gained by the customer.

How long will it take to collect my money?

We get many results within the first 7 days following instruction and most will be within 14 days.

What happens if you can’t collect the money for me?

I’m good at what I do but my back office activity really lets me down. Can you help?

Yes! Our processes allow us to provide and very neat solution that we can tailor to your business. We can do everything from sending out correctly formatted invoices on your instructions, confirm receipt and target payment date and make sure that we monitor to make sure that your money arrives in your bank as you expected it to. Talk to us about this bespoke service.

Why won’t my customer pay me?

There are a whole host of reasons, but whatever they are we can usually sort them. From introducing delays because of spelling mistakes on invoices, family bereavements, my dog ate the invoice, we have probably heard all of the excuses, but we can overcome the majority of them.