How Instamural, my new range of hand painted wall stickers is a WIBN success story

Instamural is my latest venture and one that I am very proud of. It is also a testament to networking and in particular WIBN.
How it all started…
Hi, I am Sarah and I have spent the last 10 years hand painting murals directly onto the wall of homes, schools and businesses up and down the country. I am a long time WIBN member and supporter and virtually fanatical about networking.

About a year ago, after numerous requests, I decided to look at the possibility of creating a range of wall stickers. The problem was, I didn’t like wall stickers! There, I said it…so that got my thinking, why didn’t I like them? I sat and wrote a list of all the things that I didn’t like about the current stickers options out there.
• They were shiny, when in the main, our walls are painted in matt paint
• They often had white lines around the edge which seemed to say to me, ‘Hey, I’m a sticker!’
• They were all very similar in design, cartoony, flat colour… nice enough, but a bit samey
• The quality was in some cases, just not there
• And lastly, they are almost exclusively made a China, which goes against my ‘Buy British, reduce air miles’ kind of ethos
So I did some market research and found that a lot of people were thinking the same thing. These were sticker users, so they added other issues like damaging really easily. So armed with all this I went to visit a friend of mine.
Enter Tracy. I met Tracy 9 years ago at a WIBN meeting in Milton Keynes and we have been doing business ever since. She runs a printing company and has some whizzy machinery that prints really, really big. Between us, we have found a product that ticks all our boxes and that we can print whatever we want on. All I needed to do now, was use my 10 years of mural design experience to come up with some ideas. Ok, I have over simplified it a bit, well quite a lot, but you get the idea. Instamural was born.
Key features
• Each design is lovingly hand painted
• The stickers are printed onto a smooth, matt, high quality sticker paper
• Our stickers stick. They are repositionable for a while, but once you have found it’s home, and leave them, they will stick well.
• Our designs go right to the edge of the sticker, this is really important because it means once they are on the wall, they look like they have been painted there.
• Our stickers come with a professional backing sheet, so that they are easy to apply
• Our stickers are designed and printed in England
• They are washable
• And because of my mural experience, each one comes with lots of tips on how to personalise your mural and make it your own
In fact, the only person that can be sure it isn’t hand painted, is you.

So what does this story tell us? Firstly, anything is possible. If you had told me a year ago that I would have an online shop, I would have thought you mad. Secondly, the business connections that you make now, will serve you for many years. Instamural would not have been possible with the help and encouragement of many friends I have met along my WIBN journey; but more importantly, they would not have been created without the input of Tracy, my printing angel, who I met all those years ago. Treasure and nuture those relationships and they will continue to support you for a long, long time.