How to be seen and heard in the extreme noise

Are you thinking about your clients during this time of corona?
I mean, really. Are you really trying to put their shoes on? If you do not 100% empathise with your customers and audience, your voice will be lost in this crowded arena of Covid-19.

Here is a strategic exercise for your exciting social distancing week ahead:
1- You have been resolving a specific problem of your customers. What is that problem? Capture that.
2- Has the problem changed with the impact of corona?

We just had a great introductory webinar to our FREE EMPOWER Tribe programme and covered the concept of willingness and ability to change the problem and the impact of the current climate. Understanding this concept and analysing your market, your customers and audience with this perspective is highly important during the crisis management in order to make yourself heard and seen in the information overload.

GOOD NEWS! We will hold another introductory FREE webinar on the 3rd of April at 1 pm. Join our community, give yourself time to think strategically on how to move forward.
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Have a great week and Stay Safe!