How to follow up with a journalist (without stalking)

Every journalist hates when someone rings up and says these six dreaded words: “did you get my press release?” They hear it all the time, from PRs, business owners, startups and entrepreneurs. And they simply don’t have time to respond to everyone.

However, as a business owner or startup, there’s nothing worse than emailing your press release, pitch or news story to a journalist, and not hearing back from them. Did they like the story? Will they feature it in their newspaper or magazine? Did they even receive your email?

So it’s natural to want to chase a journalist up. However, there is a way of getting in touch regarding your story, without being seen as a nuisance or stalker. Watch my video where I explain how to reach out without stalking.

This video is perfect for the entrepreneur or small business owner that wants a jargon-free intro to the world of PR!