How to implement the latest trends to achieve your marketing goals in 2020

Hi Ladies,

We are holding a free event at our office in Shoreditch in the evening of the 26 February 2020.

Who is it for:

The event targets growth-minded marketers and sales professionals. However, anyone who wants to learn how to grow their business organically using online tools will benefit from attending. We want to build a community for sales and marketing people to comfortably network, learn and mingle.

There will be nibbles and refreshments during the event.

Kindly learn more and sign up through the chat which would give you an idea what Leadoo MT specialises in

N.B. We will not be self-promoting our company the whole time! We want our guests to learn not to feed on yet another sales pitch 🙂 We won’t send email spam every 4 hours!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,

Your friendly Leadooer – Silviya