How to Look Gorgeous in Photos! Free Mini Guide

As the Christmas party season quickly approaches you could be at the mercy of friends or family whipping out a camera or phone and snapping an unflattering photo of you when you least expect it! Argh! They love us just as we are, lumps, bumps, wrinkles and all… so they of course are happy with any photos of you. But let’s be honest seeing a dire photo of ourselves can be a bit of a downer! Well fortunately I know how to look good in photos (just give me at least a few seconds warning to compose myself!)

I know how to stand in a way that will not add pounds on to my body and hold my face in a way that doesn’t give me three extra chins and I show you exactly how to do this when I photograph you.

And now I’m going to share some of my top tips with you!

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And once you have practised your poses then do share with us on my private Facebook group which is invitation only and just for women. The idea of the group is to develop a bit of self-love and switch off the critical mean voice we can have I our heads sometime by posting photos of yourself along with a positive comment about yourself. By posting a photo of just you (not the kids / dog / Sunday dinner) you are acknowledging that you are as important as anyone else and your face deserves a place in this world.

So get snapping ladies and I hope to see you in my group soon!