How to put the oxygen mask on your business

Dear Female Founder Friend,

We have all been bombarded with emails, social media posts and messages about Covid-19 and tips on how to “do business” at this time. The fact is, that we don’t really know how, because it is the first pandemic of the active working generation.  In the meantime, members of our community and our clients: all female microbusiness owners or solopreneurs are heavily impacted by this situation. Not only do we have to deal with slowing demand or cancellations for our businesses but also, we face childcare issues, elderly care issues and more.

Without knowing the truth of HOW TO, I have decided to share some strategic thinking, business expertise and human kindness around what we can do to EMPOWER our businesses and ourselves as female entrepreneurs during this unprecedented experience.

Our training system EMPOWER is based on what I call 5 power hubs of business: Hub 1 You (as an entrepreneur)Hub 2 The Plan (your plan of how to establish and grow your business in the market), Hub 3 The Promotion (any marketing and sales activities that you lead to generate growth), Hub 4 People (your employees, suppliers, customers, community and how do you interact with them) and  Hub 5 Profit (your business’ financial health).

I am confident that in our  EMPOWER Tribe programme, we can not only offer free support but also, we have lowered our prices so that solopreneur or micro business owners can access expert level guidance, accountability and support for a very affordable price. We believe that, thanks to this programme, we can help many of our women business owners’ community in navigating through this crisis. If you want to know more about all this and understand how EMPOWER Tribe will help you to put the oxygen mask on your business, join our FREE Webinarthis Friday the 27th of March. Until then, Keep safe & Take care – Ceylan