How to start exercising when it feels like too much of a hurdle

We females tend to set our standards very high in everything we do. We mostly want to be perfect and it’s not only unrealistic, it can be self sabotaging. Take exercise….it can feel overwhelming to make a start when we visualise ourselves committing to 3 x 1 hour sessions a week, mixing with very fit people, shopping for and wearing the latest kit and reaching our goals in an unrealistic timeframe. So what tends to happen? We don’t make a start of any sort and then we emotionally beat ourselves up for failing (again). Our bodies like to be active, they are made to move and activity of any sort, providing it’s safe of course, will enhance our wellbeing. The more regularly active you become, the more your body will want to be active and then you will find yourself prioritising manageable exercise in your life.  Our bodies like little and often so start small and commit to short slots in your diary for the next 6 weeks. Fill those small slots with something you can do whether that’s meeting a friend for a walk and catch up rather than a coffee, walk someone’s dog, leave the car at home and walk into the town, book a class with a friend or family member, go and look around your local gym just to get used to how it feels. If you still find yourself unable to get going, why not book a session with a personal trainer. Shop around, ask for recommendations, check out what type of clients they have and most of all, be honest with them and yourself. A good trainer will have loads of experience of working with clients at varying stages of their wellbeing and fitness goals and should be empathetic and patient. They should also be pleased to tell you about their training and qualifications. REPS is a good source of information about how to choose a trainer: