How to stop hot flushes

I’ve got a brand new live event for you next Wednesday.

How to stop your hot flushes

Hot flushes are stressful, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

And it’s so difficult to know what to wear especially for work related meetings.

We’ve all been there. Mid meeting you suddenly sense that inner burn building.

You try to stay focused on the situation, maybe casually remove your jacket or put your hair up to get some cool air on the back of your neck.

But once it starts there’s nothing you can do except ride the flaming wave or maybe make a joke about being a woman of a certain age, “is it hot in here or is it just me ha ha”.

Except it’s not funny is it?

“it’s like being cremated from the inside” someone said to me recently.

You may think there’s nothing you can do, or maybe you’ve already tried a few things like changing your eating, taking supplements or even HRT but you’re still not getting the relief you want.

The good news is you don’t have to keep trying to sort this out yourself.

If hot flushes are stressing you out and causing you embarrassment you need to join me next Wednesday.

How to stop hot flushes: The 1 thing you can do in just 3 minutes each day to cool down and feel like yourself again so you don’t have to resort to HRT

Wednesday 18 May
1pm London time

There’s a recording if you can’t make it live but you have to get registered.

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I’ll be showing you:
• the 1 crucial step you must take before you even think about changing your diet
• the biggest mistake menopausal women make and how it can actually make your hot flushes worse
• the ninja mindset trick to stop a hot flush in its track in seconds that your doctor doesn’t know about
• the 3 top causes of hot flushes at work and how to avoid them so you’ll never break out into a sweat in front of clients again

“See” you next Wednesday.

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