How to survive the Family at Christmas


Let’s face it – no matter how much you look forward to it – it is always stressful.
Commercial pressures to spend combined with the expectation of putting on a spectacular show make you stressed before you begin. The TV programmes showing the perfectly cooked bird, award winning meals, all beautifully presented by some celeb who frankly has never had to push a hoover can be pretty irritating. Oh, and there is the running the house, your work, fitting it all in as well as keeping everyone happy and amused!

So 10 tips on how to not only survive but make it a Christmas worth remembering:-

  1. Remember that only you can let others affect how you feel – make a decision that you will have a great time.
  2. Plan ahead – and write it all down and refer to it. Do a time table for all the chores including pre-cooking supper for Christmas Eve as well the food for Christmas day.
  3. Make sure you don’t let the “Christmas spirit” let you overspend – January sees a lot of  “buyer’s remorse”.  Keep to the budget.  Shop online – much easier and prices have just dropped.
  4. Accept that you can’t control everything or everyone – prepare, plan and expect the best. People will be people . No-one will mind if the house doesn’t look like something out of a magazine. Make sure any disagreeable relative isn’t opposite you; invite someone else you really like to balance things.
  5. Prepare as much food as you can before Christmas Eve.  Ask for help, delegate if necessary.  Turkey or Pheasant are good choices as they contain tryptophan which the body converts into the calming brain chemical, Serotonin.
  6. Book in a treat in advance for yourself – a facial or massage to celebrate in advance the great times ahead
  7. Aim for a cut- off point  –  perhaps Christmas Eve. You can now take it easy and start to enjoy feeling pleased with all your effort and work even if you hadn’t done everything. – accept it!
  8. On Christmas day, put on your favourite music and light your favourite scented candles
  9. Keep a list of who gave what to whom – keep the list safe.
  10. Have someone photograph or video the best bits to remind you that it was easier and better than you had thought.

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