How to turn 24 hours into 48 hours

Outsourcing is the act of delegating tasks to an individual or company. For many of us, our whole business will revolve around outsourcing. For example, my first business working as a virtual assistant means that my clients outsource work to me every day- their diary management, their social media scheduling, and so on. But I also outsource to others – my bookkeeping, my gardening and my website design.

We all are led to believe that working hard will lead to us achieving more. It is in fact much more important to work intelligently.

What tasks do you achieve in your day that directly earn you money?

Sorting your accounts or scheduling out social media may be essential for your business to grow and function – but they don’t earn you any money and they take up a lot of your time!

Ideally, the only jobs you should be doing are the ones that bring you income. Just by outsourcing a few tasks, you could save yourself a whole lot of time, stress and money!

One way to look at it is this way: think about how much you earn per hour for the work you do. Then think about how much it would cost to outsource certain tasks.

So, if you earn £50 an hour in your business, think about tasks that cost less than that. This could include:

Cleaning – roughly a cleaner costs £15 an hour which means you would still be earning £35 for the hour worked. And you get to have a lovely clean house without getting your hands dirty.

Virtual PA – even paying £30 an hour for a VA to answer the phone, fill your diary and manage your emails would still leave you with £20 an hour earnings and a lot more of the mundane work completed. Plus, you look super professional having a PA.

If you can earn an amount in that hour to cover the outsourcing cost and still make money on top, then it makes complete sense to outsource.

Don’t know where to start? Pause and take a (metaphorical) step back from your business. Give yourself some time to look at which tasks in your day bring you income and happiness. Acknowledge the tasks that you hate or that are time consuming. This will give you clarity as to what you could outsource.

Then change your mindset; outsourcing isn’t cheating or being lazy. Delegating is about gaining control within your business, reducing stress and increasing productivity. You can focus on your core job whilst someone else takes care of everything else- all without having to hire a new employee!

Take outsourcing one step at a time– you don’t have to outsource every job on your to-do list straight away. Take your time building up meaningful partnerships with those you outsource to, ensuring that they are right for your business.

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Jennie Bayliss has been a member of the Ampthill WIBN group for 6 years and is passionate about outsourcing and the value it can add to any business, as well as to managing your home life. The Outsourcing Way is a website that promotes outsourcing both for the providers and the consumers. For more details please visit: or contact Jennie via [email protected]