How to use Facebook for Business | 5 Takeaways on Facebook Pay To Play

Got a business? Check. Got a Facebook page? Check. You might not be on Twitter with your business, you might not be on Instagram but the chances are you’re on Facebook. Facebook has data on 1.2 billion users so if you’re not on the platform, why not?

Facebook is the place businesses feel most comfortable. It’s a social media platform that’s been around for a long time. Everyone is on there and it’s a great channel. Business owners use it personally, they ‘get it’.  It’s easy to post, easy to connect with people and easy to use. But is it? Dig a little deeper, look at your engagement levels, look at your reach. On average a Facebook business post reaches just 2% of your audience. If you’ve got 100 followers, you’re reaching 2 people. Not so great now is it?

So how do we improve reach when it comes to business posts? When considering Facebook post reach should you adopt a ‘pay to play’ strategy, or depend on your ‘organic’ reach? Here are my 5 takeaways on how to use Facebook for Business.

  • Experiment with Facebook Ads. It’s not as hard as you think. You will generate better results than with most other advertising and marketing platforms. Play around with advanced targeting criteria. Advertise not only to your customers but to their friends.
  • Use the targeting options. Facebook has data on 1.2 billion people! You can target them by interest, job, title, age, post-code, marital status to name just a few criteria. Reach out to them to expand your business.
  • Boost key posts where necessary. It could be for an event, a special promotion, a competition. If you do this make sure you evaluate the stats!
  • Experiment with other social media platforms. If you rely on just Facebook it’s probably time to expand your social media marketing programme to more channels. Are you on Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram? Start with a couple that you know (or think) your customers are on and experiment to see if you get any traction. Take the same ideas you’ve been sharing on Facebook and change up the messaging to share on other networks. Eventually all the platforms will become Pay To Play but until they do you might find better results for your time on a network besides Facebook.
  • Create amazing, authentic content. Whether you advertise your content or not, it’s as important as ever to create and share content that will resonate with your Facebook audience. Ask insightful questions, share pictures and videos, tell compelling stories. Be consistent and share regularly.

How are you interacting with your audience on Facebook? Do let me know what’s working for you. I’d love to hear. You can find me on Facebook.