Hygge – the Danish art of living

I’m on a countdown…. Sigh! Can’t wait for my annual weekend of Hygge – relaxing, unwinding and doing nothing.  Each year I disappear to Bath for the weekend with my schoolfriend Claire.  We do nothing all weekend.  We don’t sightsee, we don’t go out for meals, we don’t book in massages and we certainly don’t stay out drinking.  We don’t hurry or plan.  We never have to be anywhere at a particular time.

We just put on our slippers; light some candles; drink tea and eat smoked salmon sandwiches.  We sit and we chat.  We reminisce about school days, talk about our kids and discuss people’s woolly hats as they walk past our window.  We enjoy each and every minute of doing ‘nothing’.

If we do venture out to the shops or the Christmas market, it’s a short interval until we are back inside to drink more tea and eat more biscuits.  And we value that time.  Really, truly value it from one year to the next.

This is Hygge – a Danish way of living which is more of a feeling than a word for translation.  Perhaps cosiness and company would come close to describing it, although there’s nothing wrong with the company of a good book (currently reading The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu).  It’s about enjoying the moment and enjoying the company without to-do lists, guilt or clock watching.  It’s good for the soul and we arrive back to our families feeling revived and refreshed.

So how to live this lifestyle?  Think guilt-free relaxation aided by socks (warm and woolly), blankets (thick and fleecy), jumpers (soft and chunky) then add in some chocolate, wine, tea and candles.  This year, we will have Wishsticks Reiki candles to fill the room with relaxing, rebalancing energy.  Hmmmm, this actually means that this year we will have to make some decisions…. whether to enjoy the aroma of fig, or vanilla, or cinnamon….

Please visit the Wishsticks Reiki Candles page to find out more at www.wishsticks.co.uk


(Background photo credit: www.freepik.com)