IN THE MOMENT A short film about the nature and WWI commemoration artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

This video from about 4 years ago show some of the work that I was creating at the time and the inspiration behind the flower and nature art that I create.

My work comes from the heart. It comes from my spirit and emotions. I connect with our inner child to create something vibrant and colourful with deep meaning. My art is an exploration of our spiritual selves. It is taking my imagination and putting the intangible beauty into an earthly form for people to deeply connect with.

Most of my work is inspired by nature and the outdoor world and this theme is encompassed in the two strands of my recent work, both of which are connected by the stories and messages that each can convey through art.

One strand of this work is inspired strongly by my direct experiences with nature and the outdoor world – pieces such as flowers, wild meadows and landscapes. My recent work has included the beginning of a wonderful year as Artist in Residence with Nene Park Trust which sees over 1.5million visitors annually. My work here includes reflective painting, art engagement activities, art installations and seasonal spectacles.

I am also continuing with my second strand and series “Commemorating Significant People, Places and Events in WW1, a hundred years on” with work including THE SKY OF POPPIES – a large scale art installation at Queensgate Shopping Centre. This piece was created by engaging with hundreds of people to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme with 4.5 million people walking beneath it before it came down.

THE LONELY ANZAC – an art engagement project and final piece to remember an allied soldier who died far from home and laid at a commemoration event at Peterborough War Memorial.

THE BLANKET OF POPPIES in 2015 included a series of workshops with women to create a commemorative, hand felted blanket. It highlighted the unique strength of women working together with a common purpose, providing a place for healing and the therapeutic sharing of individual stories whilst connecting with this iconic British heroine. Also laid at Peterborough War Memorial following a commemorative event at 7am a hundred years following her execution.

IN FLANDERS FIELDS was an exploration of my love for the symbolic poppy. This has led to regular working trips to Belgium and France which has been a huge part of my WWI work. Some pieces, such as this, were created on location and others were part of the journey of creation – for example, when making THE SKY OF POPPIES, some of the poppies made were taken out and placed on graves. I have also made films for my YouTube channel of these travels to help connect people to these places of significance and I was included in 2016 to be the Artist in Residence for the Great War Society during the centenary events of the Battle of the Somme which led to greater insights into this period of our countries history.

This work is particularly significant to me as I am possibly the only female artist creating such a series and my stark contrast of art to the traditional and dark perceptions of war art offers engagement with a different audience to these stories through art.

My art is a constant journey of discovery, leading to new places and new ideas. There will never be enough time to create all that I want and need to show to the world.

“Each artist follows their own spiritual path. You have to believe that it’s your dream and your life and you have permission to be who you want to be. As an artist you must work and create to let your ideas or energies become reality. You have to make space for the ideas and inspiration to flow to create and develop new work. No one can tell you what to do. You act on your intuition and forge your own path. You need to be tenacious, to work hard, to follow your own true path.”