Increase brand awareness and super charge reach through strategic partnerships

Increase brand awareness and super charge reach through strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships can be a highly effective way to increase brand awareness, break into new markets and grow a social media audience.  However, for such strategic alliances to truly work the value perceptions, target audiences, brand values and promotion channels need to match.

As a PR, I’m a firm believer in smart partnerships.  For one of my clients, a children’s ice lolly brand, we ‘link arms’ with other relevant brands monthly.  Collaborations provide a fantastic way for a brand to supercharge social media reach.  For this particular client, collaborative content via social media channels always garner high levels of engagement and we find them to be a winning way to supercharge reach.

If you’re a business owner with a strong brand, teaming up with similar brands provides a new way to engage your current followers with exciting content whilst reaching out to new audiences.

So, aligning your brand with like-minded brands has a dual purpose.  Partnering not only helps you reach out to new audiences and thus increase your social media following.  It also helps you define yourselves as a brand through association.  If you have a very clear idea of your avatar (your ideal customer) you can affiliate with a brand targeting a similar audience.

Increase reach on Facebook through collaboration

Considering collaborating with brands through competitions via Facebook.  Why Facebook?  Brands will be well aware of how Facebook is constantly changing its news feed algorithm and it really does limit a brands ability to reach fans without a hefty budget.  Competitions, in particular collaborative competitions, are a good strategy to get the reach you need without paying for posts.  They are an inexpensive way to reach lots of people, build great relationships with other brands and they are very targeted.

When organic reach is pretty much dying, this strategy maybe a good option for your business.  (In 2012 Facebook page posts reached just 16% of a brands fans organically*, as of 2014 this figure was said to be just 6%.  In 2017 there’s been a suggestion that it’s as low as 2%).

Moving on from Facebook, other platforms can piggy-back on the collaborative competition. Competitions provide great content for the blog page on a brand website.  New content on the website keeps Google happy.  So share collaborative content, linking to a Facebook page and using the hashtags on Instagram.  Twitter can also be in on the act; several tweets on the day, the day after, the week later and a reminder tweet the day before the competition closes.  Tag collaborative partners in all content so that they can share your content, thus extending reach.

And let’s remember that strategic partnerships work best when they are reciprocal.  Offer your products and services to likeminded brands.  Look at their reach, their followers, their fans, and if the numbers work, consider working with them in this way.

A word of warning, avoid competition only content.  Mix up content with whatever works for your brand and if you’re not sure what works, play around to find out.  Constant brand advertising will turn your audience off and certainly won’t attract new followers.  So intersperse competitions with fun content, videos and relevant informative content.  Mixing things up leads to more shares, more interaction and better engagement.

Social media is an inexpensive and very targeted way to reach lots of people.  Collaborative competitions supercharge reach and enable brands to touch a new audience.  They are absolutely invaluable for increasing brand awareness.   Something to consider when planning your content for 2018.