Introducing Magnifisense Events

Every Family Has A Story…….Welcome To Ours!

After recently meeting with Louise Yexley (fab lady, don’t you know) to go through my WIBN training I soon realised that I was missing an opportunity of introducing our business Magnifisense to all you lovely WIBN ladies and beyond.  So here I am! I am also hoping to visit new groups so watch this space!  Groups in Beds, Herts & Bucks if you would like to hear more about Magnifisense in person then please get in touch (I like to be invited its not very often I feel like a VIP).

Magnifisense isn’t just about me I work with my sister.  We had the ‘lightbulb’ moment of working together after we had both been made redundant.  We knew we didn’t want to work for anyone else so we decided to take the plunge in May 2016 of last year.

As our last jobs involved Event Management  and the instruction & implementation of own Perfume and Chocolate workshops it made sense to take this forward & establish something further which already had foundations.  You might think this is where the sense comes in to form the company name MagnifiSENSE; however it actually relates to the 5 senses hearing, smell, taste, touch & sight. All of our activities will encompass some or all of these senses whether its hearing music or listening to instruction or seeing the finished sweet tree or the smile on your colleagues face I’m sure you get the gist!

We have various workshop activities and events which are perfect for both business and special occasions; our sensory workshops are interactive, informative and fun. Whether its afternoon tea with tea tasting for Aunt Maud, Cocktail Making for Sarah’s hen do even bringing Stuart’s work team together by forming a rock band or perhaps IT World need some help to entice prospective businesses to their networking stand we have it covered!

We are also pleased that we have recently entered the wedding market with wedding favours; predominately at present with #unique #fragrance #wedding #favours. Allowing the bride and groom to choose from 18 perfume blends discussing and interacting to make a fragrance which is bepoke to them and their guests.  Allowing for their special day to be captured in a bottle, room spray, draw-liner, candle!

Please do look at our website and find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram it would be #awesome to see you.

Gail & Lisa